Currently Available Art Gallery #1

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


6x6, Glazed Acrylic, $65.00

Hill On Mapleton Line

18X24, Glazed Acrylic, $320.00

Joseph's Tree

8x10, Glazed Acrylic, $130.00

In The Marsh

8x10, Glazed Acrylic, $130.00

Sculpted By Wind

8x10, Glazed Acrylic, $130.00

Dancing Palms

5x15, flat mounted, glazed acrylic $130.00 contact for info

Saturday, April 23, 2016


painting, iris, Robin Baratta
Hallelujah, glazed painting, Robin Baratta, 18x24 $320.00 Contact for info


Restoule Provincial Park, Painting Northern Ontario, Robin Baratta
Restoule, Glazed Acrylic, 18x24, unframed, $290.00 Contact for info

Green as Spring

woodland landscape
Green as Spring, Glazed Acrylic, Robin Baratta, 8x10, $130.00 Contact for info

Flaming Parrot, Parrot Tulip

Flaming Parrot, Parrot Tulip Painting, Glazed Acrylic, Robin Baratta, 12x12, contact for info 

Truman Line, After The Storm

landscape, Ontario
Truman Line, After The Storm, 18x24,$330.00 glazed acrylic

Friday, July 3, 2015


painting, crow, acrylic Robin Baratta
Skyward! 12x12, $160.00, glazed acrylic, contact for info